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OK, so you have a business idea and you want to manifest it. You may have found a designer or a creative person* to build it, or maybe you want to create it yourself, but you are struggling with the actual development process.

Maybe you're finding that the development process is taking up too much of your time? Maybe you've become demotivated as the development process consumes more of your energy than expected? Whatever it is, Turtlegum is here to make your workload lighter.

* We can build online solutions for your business if required. Let's discuss your exact requirements during your free online consultation.


★ Sort out the development, technical and creative problems, so you can focus on creating content.

★ Focus on organization, planning, process management, and structure so you can have more peace of mind.

★ Make the workload lighter so you enjoy the development process of transforming your concept into a tangible product or service.

When you feel good about the creation of your business, then other people feel good about it too!

Turtlegum is an English-speaking business that works with startups, as well as SME's and even supports corporate companies on a contract basis.  Contact Richart for a free online consultation to discuss your exact requirements and receive a free quote. 


By Appointment

Business Support​

Partnering with you every step of the way

We are here to make the workload lighter. We do this by working closely with you and being there every step of the way to help you overcome the daily challenges.


Whether it's chatting on Whatsapp or having BRAINSTORMING sessions to resolve challenging issues that need urgent attention, we can make sure we are available to lighten your workload.


We can give support regarding the development, technical and creative problems you might be facing. We are very good listeners and are great at helping you to quickly find the best solutions for your business when needed. 

This service can be offered as price per hour or at a slightly cheaper rate by paying a monthly retainer. 

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